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You on Your Mind

By on September 28, 2016

Selfish and self centered. Although I try not to be it (likely can hide it), I often suffer from it.

I know when I’m stuck in my head and agenda when I turn into a “whiney-why me-poor Robyn – I’m not going to ever understand this or get it done” person.

“Doesn’t my ENTIRE family KNOW, I am really busy already doing stuff for them?” Ahemm.

OK, here’s the KICKER and hopefully A “set-you-free” recognition for someone, when you have YOU on YOUR mind; whether putting yourself down, frustrated about your latest barely- made-it-through-the-day” performance, home is a wreck, laundry a mountain, and you an idiot because you “ate the cookie” attitude …….you are STILL stuck in SELFISH AND SELF-CENTERED.

You still have YOU on YOUR BRAIN. And that is a Big A DRAIN!

It is sucking away your life energy: You are MISSING everything you DID accomplish today, THE RECOGNITION of how far you DID come, (you only ate 1 cookie), from how BLESSED YOU ARE NOW: you have a place to live, clothes to wash, a family and friends to care for, dishes to clean because there was food on them.

No guilt. Just an A-HA.

Total awareness that we CHOOSE daily what to focus on. Change your MIND, and change your life. It’s all about your choices and what you CHOOSE to focus on. #BEgratefulandGIVING


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