smile and make another's day better

How Do You Interact With Others?

By on September 27, 2016

Be nice. Even when you do not feel like it.

Smile, you could make somebody’s day (and yours).

Think of others; what could you do to make another’s day a little bit better.

Acknowledge people, ESPECIALLY service providers. Looking past or through them is demeaning at best. But, being grateful that someone is there helping you is a life changer.

Your family. Do you close the magazine, put down the phone when they walk in? Do you even notice? It is easy to be with those you love and also completely not “be” there.

You do NOT have all the time in the world with the people you love. Bury that “lie”, and decide you will be present, wherever you are, whatever you do.  

Transform the way you interact with people around you.


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