Sleep. Creep.Leap. Landscaping.

Sleep, creep, leap.

By on September 26, 2016

When my landscaper planted our trees, she reminded me this was the growth process: the trees will sleep (seemingly do nothing), they will creep, (you might see a change here or there) and then LEAP: UNRECOGNIZABLE!
4 years later, my once 4 foot Crepe Myrtles are huge, full, lining our entire drive to the point you can no longer see our house.


1. You start. Nothing happens. Making changes, but nothing OUTSIDE really shows.

2. Months sometimes MANY months pass: yes, some progress, stronger, better choices, improved form, but not exactly the body you were “hoping or dreaming about”.

3. Then BAM!!!!!!!! (But not really), more like baaaaaaammmmmmmm 12 months maybe 24 or even 36, you cannot REMEMBER, what you USED to look like, the poor choices you USED to make, which one time seemed normal!

And people are ASKING YOU- how did you do it???? They are telling you: “YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!”

Ask ANYONE, on THIS JOURNEY. We have SO many cool amazing stories at Roanoke FitBody Bootcamp, JUST LIKE THIS.
They will tell you this is how it works! 😊  How it happened to them!

SLEEP, creep, LEAP!!!!

PLEASE, Don’t quit before you LEAP!!!!


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