hurt feelings

Thursday Thoughts… on Hurt Feelings

By on September 15, 2016

It is easy to get our feelings hurt. But, before you get too sad about something, it might help to consider the other’s perspective… In other words, lots of people, even those that like us and love us, (and we them), likely have been raised with different values, concepts, thoughts and ideals. Just because we “would never_______” does not mean someone who WOULD, is actually out to get you or hurt you or demean you. They may hurt you yet have NO CLUE!

If you assume your friend or spouse, really does HAVE YOUR BACK, then also assume the thing that hurt you was not a dig or a knife.

Of course SHARE your feelings when you are hurt, but carrying around pain, without forgiveness OR a conversation, in the end really only hurts you.

No need to limp around in pain, right? Just thinking.