Thursday Thoughts: Parenting, Time to Step Up

By on July 21, 2016

Maybe you pray that your kiddo:

  • does well in school,
  • excels at sports,
  • has good friends.

But when was the last time you prayed for their heart?

But out of “the heart, the MOUTH SPEAKS”

When was the last time you prayed for them to be “attracted” to holiness, purity, kindness, consideration, and selflessness? Not to have good friends, but TO BE ONE.

Modeled it???

Sure, the short list is good but it is ABOUT THEM (maybe you😳). The second list is about them, as they relate to the WORLD.

Who cares if our kids are a great athlete but are a horror to be around?  Straight A’s only matter in the long run, if our children can translate those grades into a bettering of our world.

I am someone mindful and I still blow this more regularly than I care to admit – I say “yes”, because I am “too tired” to say “no” and deal with the emotional aftermath, not because yes is the best answer.

Well, GIVE ME A BREAK!  I am THE PARENT. And how my children are raised is MY RESPONSIBILITY.  It is isn’t society’s. Not the school’s. Not the teacher’s.

What I should be sharing with those entities, are teachable, trainable, respectful people, so those people and entities in TURN can truly do their job.

No excuse parenting. If we really want to make our nation great, it has zero to do with politics. IT STARTS AT HOME. It starts by teaching respect and integrity.

How we talk to our children matters.
How we talk to each other matters.
How we teach our children to talk to and about each other matters. What we text matters!
And How WE talk about each other matters.

***** We can teach: “You are safe with me, even when you are not around me.”