Woman Let Go

Thursday Thoughts: Let Go!

By on October 6, 2016

Let go of perfection.
Let go of comparison.
Let go of should.
Let go of grudges.
Let go of fault finding.
Let go of yesterday.
Let go of tomorrow.

Excellence is simply your best, at this moment.
Being excellent has zero to do with any other soul, or circumstances.
“Should” is a misperception – and a self inflicted beat down at most.
Unforgiveness will keep you trapped, in pain and in the past.
Being afraid never stopped anything from coming to pass.
But giving in to fear will stop you from fully living your life right now.
Just thinking….

Truth in Love

Truth in Love

By on October 5, 2016

Years ago, when I owned my spa, the good Lord, showed me something about myself – often I would not tell my staff what they needed to hear to BE BETTER, because I was more afraid of being “disliked” than


Perspective: The Same But Different

By on October 3, 2016

My friend Lisa and I love sunrises. Often we are looking in the same direction, at the same time at the same thing. But where she is in time and space is different than where I am. This is such



By on October 1, 2016

Craving pizza? Here’s a quick pizza recipe that is sure to satisfy even the strongest of pizza cravings. But don’t worry, this pizza is low carb and guilt-free so you can work it into your weekly meal plan. The simple

fat loss hack: water

Fat burning meal hacks

By on September 30, 2016

The term ‘hack’ is being used a lot lately. While it used to have a negative connotation, these days to ‘hack’ is to find a quicker, easier and more effective method for achieving a goal. There are life hacks (like

Donuts - Worth it?

Donut dilemma. Or (pizza or ice cream)

By on September 29, 2016

We all have a food we truly enjoy. Often it seems to talk to us. So let’s put it in perspective. Take a donut. Tastes good. Ave calories per donut: 400, fat 20, carbs 50 and sugar 22. Typically takes

selfie - selfish

You on Your Mind

By on September 28, 2016

Selfish and self centered. Although I try not to be it (likely can hide it), I often suffer from it. I know when I’m stuck in my head and agenda when I turn into a “whiney-why me-poor Robyn – I’m

smile and make another's day better

How Do You Interact With Others?

By on September 27, 2016

Be nice. Even when you do not feel like it. Smile, you could make somebody’s day (and yours). Think of others; what could you do to make another’s day a little bit better. Acknowledge people, ESPECIALLY service providers. Looking past

Sleep. Creep.Leap. Landscaping.

Sleep, creep, leap.

By on September 26, 2016

When my landscaper planted our trees, she reminded me this was the growth process: the trees will sleep (seemingly do nothing), they will creep, (you might see a change here or there) and then LEAP: UNRECOGNIZABLE! 4 years later, my

Tofu Kale and Tomato Frittata

Recipe Saturday: Kale & Tomato Frittata

By on September 24, 2016

Here’s a quick vegetarian stir-fry recipe that’s perfect for a fiber-filled, meatless meal. There’s no need to serve this stir-fry over a pile of traditional rice – simply add extra veggies or shredded cauliflower. Enjoy! Servings: 4 Here’s what you

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